Chinese Herbs

Corn Silk

Zea Mays (LINN.)


Corn Silk has long been used in North American folk medicine to treat urinary conditions including inflammation of the bladder and painful urination.

Corn silk is obtained from the silky dried tassels found inside cornhusks.
Traditional Usage
Corn Silk is used as a remedy for conditions of the urinary passage. It is a diuretic, a demulcent, an anti-inflammatory and a general tonic. As a soothing diuretic, Corn Silk is helpful in the treatment of any irritation of the urinary system. It is used for renal problems in children and as a urinary demulcent combined with other herbs in the treatment of cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis and the like. Corn Silk may also be helpful in treating gonorrhea and a nighttime drink made from the herb has been found successful in countering bedwetting by children or older people. It has also been used as a harmless weight-reducer.

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