Chinese Herbs

Guijia or Guiban

Carapace and plastrum of Chinemys reevesii


First appeared in the Divine Husbandman's Classic of the Materia Medica.

The Plastron of Chinemys reevesii (Gray), family Testudinidae.
Traditional Usage
This medicine derived from the shells of fresh water turtles is salty, sweet and cold in nature. It enters the liver, kidney and heart meridians to nourish yin and anchor yang, tonify the kidneys, strengthen the bones and nourish the heart and blood. It can be used to treat symptoms of liver yin deficiency with rising fire, which include dizziness, vertigo, a flushed face and irritability. It can also address deficiencies of kidney yin and jing (essence), combatting symptoms such as weak bones, a sore back and weight loss. Since the kidneys are responsible for hair health, this herb will also help to improve weak, brittle or greying hair.

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