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From fossil resin or tree sap.
Modern Usage
Baltic amber is used for its revitalising properties in modern skin treatments such as Vita Green's OS 21 Ice Cream. Derived from rocks on the bed of the Baltic Sea, succinum has electrostatic properties as well as being enriched with valuable marine minerals and can be used to tone skin and reduce wrinkles and signs of fatigue.
Traditional Usage
Amber is fossilised resin or tree sap. Most of the world's amber dates from between 30 to 90 million years ago. Succinum, the type used by Vita Green, specifically relates to Baltic amber, which contains a chemical called succinic acid, which was traditionally used to treat rheumatic aches and pains. Baltic amber is often exposed by waves from rocks on the sea bed and cast up on beaches. It is prized as a gemstone for its beauty, while medicinally, amber arrests tremors and palpitations and calms the spirit, invigorates the blood and dissipates stasis, making it useful in cases of amenorrhea. It also reduces swelling and promotes healing.

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